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I'm in the process of moving further into the northern interior of South Central Alaska to further my plans and better my chances for surviving the coming collapse.  I'll be moving to a cabin and continuing what Ive learned and i'll be applying it to this new area. The site will be on hold until I'm settled and have an internet connection out there. .

Welcome to "The Survival Schanze" or "The Survival Lair". Home of Evasion Survival, Alaska. Yes It's back for 2017, and I hope for beyond, but it will take some time to get it going as a whole. Taking an internet break for most of 2016 was needed. So ALL IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION . Some sections are not open yet. I work on a bit each day. There's SO MUCH to do. Check back often. This page is best viewed on a Tablet, Desk or laptop device.

Here on my page I will try to  guide the visitors through a general overview of my preparations for the coming collapse. I will stick to my Escape & Evasion plans and related topics that I think would be helpful or of general interest to the visitors as a whole.

 I'll do this simply for the sake of motivating others or spreading some encouragement and inspiration. Plus it given me shit to do with my down time in the house by sharing my Alaska experiences with the world. I'm not running this page to teach or instruct anyone but I welcome mature questions or the  opportunity to help someone where I can. This page is 100% free from profit or gains with its existence..

 Simply put- I will use lessons of old and lessons of new that Ive put forth into my current state of planning and in the execution of various tasks to show examples from what I'm doing. I have continued to commit myself to this over plan for years now without fail. I will keep most specifics and details such as locations or numbers to the absolute minimum If I feel they will compromise my over all plans.

For me Its all about the plan and committing to it- PERIOD. I call this over all plan "The Spider-Web" strategy in Ft. Wilderness. My name for the wilderness of Alaska is "Ft Wilderness" because it truly is an impenetrable fortress. My SPIDER WEB strategy will endure and ensure that I have an honest chance to make it through the collapse whether its from foreign Invasion or an event that causes catastrophic social unrest. The key being that it removes me from the equation of destruction at the- ground 0 event- . At my current state of preparations and readiness I could disappear in moments if the hammer dropped now. In the last few years all my experiences here in Alaska have really come together to make this plan possible. However I'm still learning and adding to my over all strategy and tactics. This will never end. In latter half of 2016 I basically vanished from most of my internet dwellings and re-prioritized my habits simply to focus on the plan and putting it together. This included a radical up step in physical training and body conditioning.

This is NOT an offensive plan. I'm not a Guerilla or Insurgent. It's a plan to escape and evade and thus -survive and thrive- in the wilderness of Alaska when the hammer drops. The goal is to simply escape the chaos and evade the threats by retreating to the wilderness where there's a network of pre-constructed shelters and survival pods stocked with supplies waiting to be used.  Its a simple plan to remain mobile and remain alive until the Great Purge has thinned out the chaos. There's really nothing fancy about it. Keeping it simple makes it smooth, flowing and applicable for my personal situation. Putting it together is another story though. The terrain, climate, weather, and distances required is uncompromisingly crushing. That's 100% unavoidable and has proved to be thoroughly punishing, physically demanding and time consuming. But that's life in the big wilderness. Whats more is the harder I work at it now, the less I'll have to work at it later if/when the plan is put into real use.

Its a plan for a civilian by a civilian to survive the initial crushing slaughter of the collapse and to live and plan for another day. I'm one man and I'm not suffering from a Dunning-Kruger complex. I'm just a man that realized long ago that the math is against me in every way possible. It's against me in terms of OPFOR, distance, time, supplies, temperature, calories vs energy, and so on. However by preparing shelters, scouting endless routes and planting endless supply pods I have put myself ahead of this game and reduced the deficits that will work against me. This E&E plan works best for me in my current situation. That's not open to debate or discussion.

This E&E plan will not be accomplished with some demented fantasy of living like a feral wild-man running through the forest with a stick and a loin cloth by eating twigs and berries, and It will not be accomplished by gearing up like I raided REI and Radio-Shack with a mess of fancy gear that require a hopelessly draining and unrealistic post-collapse infrastructure to maintain it.. The only battery operated devices I employ are a flashlight, simple GPS and a radio. Whats more is that I'm not a Gun Fighter either, so loads of ammo and body-armor will not be found on me. I'm an Evader, or Escape & Evasion Survivalist. This is a creature of my own design, born out of the necessity of the situation and how I see a collapse unfolding. I don't "bug out". That's the most idiotic term ever invented and it screams trendy conformity thinking from inside the box . I roam and plan outside the box. Sadly bugs have a very finite life span and are easily killed. That's not me or what I'm about. Also this page is not about Bushcraft, camping, backpacking, hiking or packing the pantry/ home preparation survival.

The objective of staying alive and not ending up as a grease stain on the forest floor will be accomplished by serious forethought, thorough planning, continuous training, continuous preparations, being truthful about how I deal with this situation (truthful about my abilities and inabilities) and ABOVE ALL constant physical conditioning that will all together offer me deliverance to success and ultimate victory over defeat and not becoming a grease stain in the forest. This is not a hobby or weekend activity. It's a way of life.

When preparing this caper In the Alaskan wilderness I truly am ALONE. Not like the pretenders on the network Tv shows who get checked in on and have a rescue chopper waiting at the push of a button or with a simple sat-phone call.  95% of the time there is no hope anyone will even find me, let alone know I'm even in trouble. There is no telecom based thoughts of relief floating around in the back of my mind that translate into my easy out if things go bad or I decide I have had enough. I'm actually really ALONE. Every time I go out I conduct a balancing act of skill, wits, experience and making decisions that will keep me alive and bring me home. Whats more is that I'm not pretending to be a teacher, instructor or an expert that has never seen a real survival situation. That's not what my page is about. I'm not here to sell you bravado or false claims. This is a simple no bull-shit page and Alaska is a dangerous place. People disappear here all the time. Something like 20 people disappeared in and around my area last year. 2 or 3 of them simply parked their car to go for a short walk and were never seen again. I get nothing for this page or my YouTube channel. My over all goal of all this is to record my story for myslef, and for the visitors I simply wish to offer encouragement and inspiration to do for yourself.

I have seen quite a few real survival situations in my life, most here in Alaska in the wilderness over the past 10 or so years. I'm always faced with something, at some level regardless whether its mortal danger or just a hairy situation Id rather not be in.  Ive been attacked by a full bore 600lbs Grizzly that I killed, recently had endless encounters with asshole bear, had an epic fail at -30F in an ice cave, charged by countless moose, chased by a Lynx, Ive had a chopper rescue out there in Talkeetna and Ive had dangerous hypothermia many many times, and visited the ER for so many things-so many times that I simply cannot remember them all. Most of my suffering came to me early on when I arrived in Alaska. It was years of learning through sobering failure. Most was simply from my inexperience and me missing details that led to larger issues. These day my biggest issues are bear who are growing in population do the warming climate in my area of Alaska. Adversity and experience are THE BEST TEACHERS..

Ive looked into the abyss and payed my dues by putting in the time ALONE to learn/earn the lessons and respect that's required. Believe me when I tell you that once you've seen REAL- FOR YOUR LIFE- SURVIVAL you'll never want to see it again and you will see through the illusions projected by social media, YouTube, Tv shows and internet forums in all their brilliantly epic amounts of bulls-shit. Most of the bull-shit put out in those places simply doesn't exist in real survival. I will never put out anything I have not done or tried myself for real and at great length. Once you look into the face of the cold indifference of a real life and death survival situation you'll do what ever it takes to never get into that situation again. I can promise you that. To me now experiences like that are looked back on as a gift. I draw from them. For all the good and bad taken from them I consider every situation a gift of earned clarity and understanding that the ignorant, mislead, misguided and protected will never understand.

Regardless of my vast experiences I know I'm not teacher nor am I an expert. I'm simply experienced. Few people have any business teaching or boasting a rank such as being an "expert" or "instructor/teacher " but somehow vast legions of "experts" and "instructors" can be found by the unsuspecting and naive with as little effort as a simple internet search. Its become a filthy sickness of entitlement for so many to assign themselves proud ranks they have not earned. Its  irresponsible and its dangerous to those who know no  better. I'm of the opinion "experts" simply do not exist. I am a survivalist of my own accord. Ive earned that title, not a rank. Whats more is that I'm not here to amaze or entertain you. If you want to be entertained please go elsewhere. Real survival training is hard work and pretty boring. Its not about the latest and greatest shit being pushed by people simply to make money off other people fears. People need to get use to that idea. Its not a Tv show, a celebrity "expert" talking head or fancy YT channels with mesmerizing graphics and fast talk. Real survival will definitely never be found in emotional politics or religious posturing, its simply not withstanding. Walk into the wilderness and find a hungry predator and ask it what surviving is about and see what happens. You'll get the answer that's as pure in truth as snow is white....

This plan has nothing to do with the military acronym S.E.R.E. or what military S.E.R.E is about. That's a plan for missing service personnel to survive for a relatively short duration with the expectation of either capture or rescue. While both plans share some topics and, tasks, however overall they differ greatly. My plan is much more in depth and of a much larger scale. Simply put its apples and oranges when compared. S.E.R.E. is more active while my E&E plan is more passive. If I'm on the run under such a hard routine things have gone horribly wrong and Its probably my fault. If I become a prisoner of any post collapse OPFOR I will probably just be killed outright and have my kit plundered. Its that simple. Prisoners take up resources, so in a Post Collapse World a person like me would be a liability and an unwanted drain on someones resources.

Whats more is this page and my activities have NOTHING to do with MILITIA, III%'ers, FREEFOR, Oath Keepers, AC (Armed Citizenry), WATCHMEN, FRONTIERSMAN, Alaska Militia/Alaska Watchman, or any other person or organization on EARTH. Whats more is I cannot be held responsible for links to this page in regards to where they are places around the net. I also harbor no religious or political  aspirations or agendas with my activities. I'm 100% pro-me surviving and nothing more. I also deal in dis-information in varying degrees and at the appropriate times for the inevitable prying personalities that are often attracted to my pages who think they have a right to my personal business or my survival preparations.

lvarr Bergmann
ᚫlᚫᛋᚴᚫ ᚺᛖᚨᚦᛖᚾ

Common misconceptions about Alaska.

It occurs to me that most people are suffering from some seriously misguided perspectives about the real Alaska. I didn't even understand the real Alaska when I set out to come here so many years ago. Some for the good and some for the bad. I had no idea about freedom of carrying a firearm, nor did I know about the lack of sales tax in most places or the lack of a state income tax. I was also pleasantly surprised about the state PFD check that is issued each year.

Most of the questions I get are based on what people see on reality Tv. Back when I arrived here there were no reality shows about Alaska. I just didn't know so I formed my own perspectives, and they were mostly wrong.  Yes Alaska is vast and seemingly endless in its wilderness but regardless of this vastness there are loads of rules and regulations that vary from area to area and from season to season. One cannot simply come up here and hunt and fish as they wish, when they wish and where they wish. There are specific areas set aside and that's where you hunt or fish. They are ALWAYS loads of ppl and seemingly chaotic. This is so the law can keep an eye on people by congressing them all into one area. And this is not a bad thing because from what Ive seen people up here really take nature for granted and abuse it endlessly. Id hate to see what would happen w/o these rules and regulations.

Trapping is also mostly out of the question for the regular guy. Most areas you can do this are very far away from me and the areas you can do it change season to season. It just outruns me.

In about 99% of the wilderness in my area you cannot even have a camp fire or cut living trees/vegetation. I must drive over 50-80 miles north to get to an area where I can have a fire, hunt, build shelters and so on. 6-8 month out of the year the weather and timing of other life obligations prohibit this. I do what I can, as I can, and where I can within the bounds of the law. It seems most laws are designed to discourage training activities and it works in this way in regards to what one can and cannot do in survival training.

Never Quit Fighting....

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